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Arad is a story of a forgotten son who returns to his supposed place of birth, only to find himself unwelcome. He is captured as a defyer and is brought to the king for "purification". His soul must be purified before Marduk, the God of time. But Arad survives to become something that he can never forgive. The story takes place 4500 years ago in the lands of Sumeria, only a few centuries after the birth of civilization and the destruction of the tower of Babel.

Arad and the king. Priest looking at them. The ghost of queen in the middle.

It is a time when the people of Sumer and Akkad have forgotten their past. The only thing they remember is that they have been praying to the hand of their king; believing the hand to be the shadow of hand of Marduk, the God of the world. It is the hand that rules their army and it is the hand that brings rain. The hand of the king, the holiest thing on face of the earth; what connects their mortal world to the lands of Marduk. They have made great sculptures of the hands of seven legendary kings of the past to keep the memories of their glorious heritage alive forever. Among their oldest beliefs is a deep dread of handless people, those who are considered defyers. The cursed who rot the pillars of society and power. The defyers are often banished, tortured or killed, infants and adults alike. No one can remember the origin of this fear.

Soldiers have pulled out their swords and are ready to cut Arad's head.

Arad is a USC Master's thesis film. It was shot at the end of summer 2009 at Robert Zemeckis center in Los Angeles. The post-production is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2012. The estimated running time is 10 minutes. The goal is to bring something to the screen which has not been seen before.

Thank you for visiting the Arad short film webpage. This movie is in post-production phase and we are actively looking for talented visual effects people to join our team. If you are interested in matte painting, modeling, effects, lighting, compositing  and other aspects of visual effects, please don't hesitate to contact us now!
The goal is to bring something on screen that is not seen before!