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     We will be more than happy to hear your feedback, ideas and comments about Arad.

The production and management team is mainly located in Los Angeles, California. However since the post-production has begun, a number of great artists and technical directors have joined the project from different parts of the world. We have artists located in more than 25 countries around the world. Arad is a true international effort!

     You can reach us by directly contacting the producer:

  • Sep Dehpour


Thank you for visiting the Arad short film webpage. This movie is in post-production.
 a USC production “Arad” Morgan w. Sheppard  Michael Mercurio  Breaden Marcott and Brooke Stone   director of photography Rob Edgecomb  editor Kevin Lipnos  assistant director Sharon Yeung story by Sepehr Dehpour - now is post production