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Donate to make this film

Accomplishing this ambitious filmmaking endeavor takes an enormous amount of time and money. The list of expenses incurred on such projects seem almost endless.

The bottom line is, we need your support if Arad is going to be completed as it should be.

  • $25 or more gets you a copy of the completed film on DVD

  • $50 or more gets you a copy of the completed film on Blu-ray

  • $200 or more gets your name in the "Thank you" section" of the end credits of film, on website and on IMDB

  • $100,000 gets you an Executive Producer credit in the film. Your name will appear in the opening of film, in the posters, in the booklet, on top of end credits of film, and on top of the crew page of website.
    You will get an executive producer title in IMDB. Also you will be interviewed for the behind the scene section of
    website and special features of DVD and Blu-ray. We are open for negotiation.

Please contact Sep Dehpour, the producer/director of Arad, for more information.
Thank you

Thank you for visiting the Arad short film webpage. This movie is in post-production phase and we are actively looking for talented visual effects people to join our team. If you are interested in matte painting, modeling, effects, lighting, compositing  and other aspects of visual effects, please don't hesitate to contact us now!
The goal is to bring something on screen that is not seen before!

 a USC production “Arad” Morgan w. Sheppard  Michael Mercurio  Breaden Marcott and Brooke Stone   director of photography Rob Edgecomb  editor Kevin Lipnos  assistant director Sharon Yeung story by Sepehr Dehpour - now is post production