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Arad-CinematographerArad crew on 2nd day of shootJoe_Badiali and Jen_Hall, MakeUp artists working on Morgan_SheppardMakeUp artist Laura Monteleone working on a gaurd

People of SumeriaBraeden Marcott priest and hand of the kingBraeden MarcottCamera unit - DP checking things on monitor

William Morgan Sheppard as KingShooting peopleOne of the prayersSome crew members looking at monitor

Director, Sepehr Dehpour, talking to Morgan Sheppard, King, and Braeden Marcott, PriestGaffer Justin-Rettke checking lightingOne of the guardsOne of the guards

Jihyang-Yoon, costume designer (on left) working with her assistant.Kevin Lipnos, the editor and co-writerJon-Siebel the line producerMichael_Mercurio playing as Arad

Morgan William Sheppard playing as KingMorgan_Sheppard and Braeden_MarcotPeople of Sumeria 2Queen actor, Brooke Stone getting ready for falling scene

Brooke Stone as QueenRob Edgecomb Cinematographer and his assistantSharon-Yeung-Assistant-DirectorThe dead hand of the king

The freshly cut hand of the kingThomas Huang, one of the visual effects artists on setArad crewDirector Sepehr Dehpour talking to Assistant director, Sharon Yeung and the Editor, Kevin Lipnos

Director Sepehr_Dehpour and Morgan Sheppard and Braeden MarcottPeople of Sumeria in position!Part of hero's cloth is stuck in fanThe Visual Effects Supervisor Sarah Char with Post visual effects artists Thomas Huang and Kaitlyn Yang


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Thank you for visiting the Arad short film webpage. This movie is in post-production phase and we are actively looking for talented visual effects people to join our team. If you are interested in matte painting, modeling, effects, lighting, compositing  and other aspects of visual effects, please don't hesitate to contact us now!
The goal is to bring something on screen that is not seen before!

 a USC production “Arad” Morgan w. Sheppard  Michael Mercurio  Breaden Marcott and Brooke Stone   director of photography Rob Edgecomb  editor Kevin Lipnos  assistant director Sharon Yeung story by Sepehr Dehpour - now is post production